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Posted by Starlife Agency OÜ on Thursday, September 5, 2019


We are often asked who is a HOSTESS and what is CONSUMATION?

In most of our gentlemen's clubs, dancers act not only as dancers, but also as hostesses. Therefore, we call this profession a dancer-hostess.

In some of our clubs, in parallel with the dancers, also only hostesses work, without dancing. And in many of these clubs, hostess job is the most important part of the business.

Hostess work is a consumation. The term "consumation" means the stimulation of consumption (in Latin consumo - to consume, spend). Consumation is to incline customers to spend more money. Girls (dancer-hostesses and hostesses) engaged in consumation communicate with customers in order to persuade customers to buy champagne and drinks for girls (in some clubs also light snacks or even a la carte meals). The drinks ordered for dancer-hostesses are usually alcoholic, but in many clubs there are also soft drinks on the menu for girls. In clubs there is a system of how to get rid of alcoholic drinks without drinking (you can spill or replace alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones). A dancer-hostess or a hostess receives interest from the money that customers spent on her. Champagne and drinks in gentlemen's clubs are usually very expensive, so girls working on consumation earn very well.

The work of hostesses and consumation at a professional level is an art of entertainment, and sometimes even therapy. The hostess entertains customers with friendly conversation, charms with her smile, manners and looks.