You need girls for your club to dance and sell champagne? Or you wish to sell your products or services to ladies making good money in show business?

We can help you! The fastest, easiest, most economical and very efficient way to achieve your goal is to publish your advertisement (your logo with a link to your website or Facebook page) on all pages of our website in English, Russian and Estonian. You can see the sector of paid advertisements right here above.

Hundreds of girls are looking for dancer's and/or hostess jobs on our website. And clicking on the published ads they contact to employers directly. This service has become very popular especially among European girls who prefer to contact employers directly. Why do they do it? Because they know that their chances of becoming hired are better this way - many clubs wish to hire girls directly and not to pay agency fees for every girl for each day. Clubs always prefer a cheaper method to hire good girls, not to spend too much money. 

PRICE: Only 3.30 euros per day. The minimum publication is 3 months, so the total cost is only 300 euros for 3 months.

You can hire as many girls you want and you pay no agency fee per girl per day! No binding contract required.

NB! Each advertising client has to guarantee that published content (goods, services, business activities, job offers, etc.) at website or Facebook page linked to its advertisement does not breach any law, does not include pornography and is not related to prostitution nor human trafficking. Ads which are breaching these rules will be deleted without refund.