Starlife Agency OÜ was founded in September 2012 in Tallinn Estonia. Today we work all around the world and we offer:

  • free of charge agency, consultancy and advertising services for dancers and hostesses interested to work in gentlemen’s clubs in Europe and USA;
  • agency, consultancy, advertising and recruitment services for gentlemen’s clubs all around the world;
  • advertising services for any businesses selling goods or services for dancers and hostesses;
  • professional services of business, B2B sales and procurement management, export, import, marketing, social media management and content creation, recruitment, international cooperation and other areas.

Working in our recommended clubs listed at www.starlife.ee/clubs dancers-hostesses earn 2000-8000 euros per month, top moneymakers also more (in Europe up to 12000 euros per month, in USA up to 25000 US dollars per month). With short contracts weekly income is usually 500-3000 euros.

The general description of working and earning systems, the conditions of our services for dancers-hostesses, the procedure of applying for work and our rules and principles are published at www.starlife.ee/contract.pdf

We recommend and offer jobs only in the clubs where work is clean, safe and legal, where is no prostitution, neither escort, massage, jacuzzi nor sauna services, where it is forbidden to insult and harass the dancers-hostesses. All clubs on our list of recommended clubs have accepted and follow our Clean Club Policy published at www.starlife.ee/declaration.pdf

Our mission is to:

  • promote Starlife Clean Club Policy;
  • protect the rights of striptease dancers and hostesses;
  • help dancers and hostesses to avoid dangers of becoming victims of inclining to prostitution and human trafficking.

We never offer nor recommend prostitution or escort jobs.

We are intolerant to usage or drugs, aiding and inclining to prostitution, pimping and human trafficking (these offences are punishable under criminal law!).

Important to know:

  • Any club which desires to use our agency and recruitment services and to be listed on our list of recommended clubs has to guarantee that work in the club is legal, safe and does not comprise sexual nor escort services, also to respect the performer's right to quit working in the club without fines, penalties and any force to continue working, if work proves to be obnoxious. Beginner dancer-hostess who discovers and declares that striptease or hostess job is not for her must never be forced to work in that sector.
  • It may be dangerous to go to work abroad through untrustworthy intermediator, for unknown employer or without knowing the exact work profile and conditions.
  • In case of becoming a victim of fraud, human trafficking or inclining to prostitution, or facing such threat, it is necessary to turn to police!

Stay informed: www.starlife.ee/news

NB! All your data you have sent or will send us is handled safely and confidentially. In case you use our agency services to apply for a job then our services are provided free of charge and in accordance to our Agency and Consultancy Contract - see www.starlife.ee/contract.pdf